Doin It By My Self

Tonight I gave myself my first self administered T shot!
Full disclosure, I had to use the tiny insulin needle to get the courage. But you know what, it doesn’t matter!
It only took me 16 weeks and Kass being too sick to want to do it for me to finally get the courage. And I am damn stoked.
Also, I’m kind of happy because the last three or four weeks we’ve been doing it I’ve been bleeding quite a bit. A friend of mine on Facebook said that his last shot he did it wouldn’t stop bleeding. He called his doctor because he was worried. There was noting when he aspirated, but when he pulled out it just gushed. His doctor said that it was ok, but that he knocked or went through a vein. He told him he would be fine, but that his body would metabolize it much faster and that he would experience sweats and “roid-rage.”
This made me feel a bit happy. I have been crazed lately. My road rage is back, I want to pick fights with people, I argue with my customers at work, Kass and I have been fighting because I’ve been acting like a dick and I’ve been sweating like the fuckin pig.
I’m glad to know why.
I’ve been a little worried that this was the ‘new’ me.
I didn’t bleed even a teeny tiny bit tonight so I’m really hoping that I will cool down a little bit.



2 thoughts on “Doin It By My Self

  1. Good for you dude! You are a badass.

    Re: roid rage. I often bleed a couple drops after my shot. I’ve noticed that the rage has cooled down nonetheless. Somewhere around the one year mark, I had really settled into the change and my moods became more even than they ever were pre-T.

    • Thanks! I feel a little dorky that it feels like such a HUGE accomplishment, but it really does. Also, my dr never showed me how to do my shots, so I just had to figure it out by reading stuff online. I still feel worried I’m not doing it quite right, but there are changes, so I must be ok.
      That’s great to hear. I feel so angry, and like I just want to argue. And I’ve always been one to jump without thinking, but it’s even faster now. I need to learn how to slow myself down.

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