Til 3005 I’ll be right by your side

So we don’t really do resolutions. If we’re going to do it, we do it. If we don’t, we don’t. For us getting fit, exercising more, eating better, etc., starts Monday. Not next year.

But this year we thought that we would try something a little different. Basically, we’re going to stop spending money on anything that’s not a necessity or an experience. We like to buy things. A lot. So we’ve decided that a least for the next year, we’re just not going to buy that extra stuff we don’t need.

I’ve also been meaning to sell some extra stuff that we don’t use. It’ll just help free up some space in the apartment, and we can stick it in savings.

I’ve also been working some extra jobs delivering. I usually deliver though DoorDash. I get to spend time in my car driving around listening to music, sometimes Kass comes with and we spend time together. It’s super easy and I do it whenever I want, which I really like. I just can’t commit to a second job.

We’re trying to save some money to buy a house or move or something, or both.