Estrogen: Out in a Blaze of Glory

It has been quite a week in our household. Many things going on.
Unfortunately, one of the many things included my period. I know that I should not be surprised, I have only been on T for about a month, but I can dream right?
I did notice it really fucked with me this time around though. I always get really moody and a little angry and very sad. But this time it was different.
I was angry.
I was sad.
I was lonely.
But different was I was regretting my transition.
In the shower Sunday morning it hit me. I suddenly felt very upset about my choice and very overwhelmed. I felt sad. I felt like I had ruined myself. I felt irrational.
Luckily my rational brain decided to do its yearly check in right at this moment and tell me to simmer down. It told me to take a deep breath. Nothing was ruined. At this point I haven’t seen any changes so nothing is irreversible yet. And that if I still feel this way in a week, I can reassess everything.
Thankfully today I am feeling more normal again.
I don’t know if my female hormones have just decided they are going to go out with a bang, or if I was just my normal moody self but I had something specific I was really moody about. I’m not sure. I have to say it wasn’t very pleasant.
Has anyone else had this experience before within the first few months of their transition?