A few new things…

Pleased to say that I missed my period for all of January. I am about 12 days late.

I think it is safe to say that it is not coming.

I’m really hoping that now that I don’t have the estrogyn fighting back that I will start seeing more changes.

This pleases me immensely.

I have been noticing more hair in places too.

  • My ankles and the tops of my feet
  • My chest, stomach, happy trail
  • The hair under my chin (which has always been there) is filling in a bit more and slowly moving up my chin
  • My sideburn area has speckles of hair coming in and my upper lip is a bit fuzzier.

My voice is also getting noticeably deeper.

We were laying in bed the other night and she mentioned that it was deeper. I can kind of hear it, but you never know how much is real and how much is in your own head. So she took a video of me talking.

Then we watched a video of me one week on T vs about 3 months.

The difference is unbelievable.

The next day at work I stopped by and talked to a supervisor I haven’t seen in a month or so and she told me I sounded sick. I told her I wasn’t and she was like oh yeah, you’re sick. I told her again, nope not sick. She turned and looked at me and I was smiling and she was like oh my god! Is that all you? I nodded yes and she high-fived me. I’m pretty excited. It makes me feel really good that people are noticing.

Looking forward to vacation here in a few months. Kass and I haven’t had a real vacation ever and so were planning a big one. Part of what we’re planning is to be in San Francisco over Pride. I’m really excited because this will be my second Pride ever and my first as a Transman. So I am really hoping to get a few more changes under my belt.

Also, I had this ratty old binder a friend of mine gave me when I first came out and it had seen way better days. Well, Kass got me two new binders from Underworks for Christmas. I was so excited I couldn’t even handle it. They work so much better and they don’t roll up as much. For the most part I look pretty flat or like I kind of have pecs (I have huge boobs), whereas my other one had gotten so stretched out I really just looked like I was wearing a sports bra.

I think that’s about all for now. Keeping my head up and on the lookout for more changes!